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We at Psychiatrist Brisbane are local to the area, and have been practising here for some years now with a great deal of success. Because we know the area well, we feel close to our patients, and feel that we know them too; never being strangers to them, and making it our aim that they should feel similarly about us.

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You will receive your consultations and treatment here at Psychiatrist Brisbane in bright, clean, and relaxing surroundings, and be cared for by all our staff, from receptionists to medical staff, with respect and commitment.

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If you are having mental health problems, the first person you should see is your doctor, who can refer you to Psychiatrist Brisbane, if necessary. If you feel uncomfortable talking about personal issues, you can ask to be referred. In some circumstances you can come directly to the clinic for an appointment. Don’t worry; you will be put completely at your ease.

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How do psychiatrists differ from other health professionals?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, who has had a minimum of five years training in the discipline. They can specialise in areas of psychiatry, such as addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry (legal and criminal matters), psychoanalysis and others. Because they are doctors, they can prescribe medication. Psychiatrists sometimes provide therapy, but it is more common for them to refer a patient to a therapist.

What do psychiatrists do?

One of the major responsibilities of psychiatrists is to diagnose mental illness and disorders by taking health histories, administering diagnostic tests, and ordering CAT scans. They then decide the best course of treatment. As previously noted, they are able to write prescriptions for medication, these being psychiatric drugs to treat and alleviate many mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. They also deal with any side effects of treatment. Although patients are often referred to a therapist, a psychiatrist may engage in talk therapy, either in a one to one situation, or with a group of patients. The idea is to help the patient find solutions to their problems. In some cases, hospitalisation can be recommended, and occasionally electroshock therapy. Those psychiatrists who are engaged in private practice can supervise other health professionals, such as licensed psychologists. If a psychiatrist is working in a hospital they may be responsible for supervising a team of doctors and nurses, as well as other mental health workers.

It’s so pleasant practising in Brisbane

Brisbane is a lovely place, and because we practise what we preach, we try to get out into its pleasing surroundings as often as possible. Psychiatrist Brisbane recommend this to all our patients. Like good old fashioned doctors, we believe that fresh air is very good for you!

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